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My name is Tanya -- I've no idea what's going on here. I found this site by accident, but I'm hoping I can find someone to help me.

My younger sister, Tricia, went missing. I don't know how long she's been missing for, but I got a note in the mail from her.

I've included it here:

I don't know what to do... And I don't know who Dean Winchester is.

She told me not to look for her, to find this other person but I'm scared. She's all I've got left, and I have to find her.


I left 2 comments yesterday, so did another guy.
Where did they go?

Do you want help or not?

All I asked is is this a viral marketing campaign?
The post is "open" again, I guess you could say.

When I got back to it last night what I had written had changed to a bunch of ones and zeros. I didn't know what to do -- I panicked and thought I deleted it. I guess I made it "private" (I'm really not used to this journal format yet).

I do want help, and I'm hoping you can help with the e-mail that I got from Trish. I made a new post about it, but all it had was a repeating string of numbers and letters. I'm not a computer person, I hardly even use e-mail so maybe the gibberish means something.

I don't know.

As for...your last question. I didn't really want to answer it yesterday because my freaking sister is missing. Who markets that?
With todays marketing campaigns, this doesnt seem out of context with them.
Applebees had a "Find My Missing Husband" campaign, and perpetrated it as if it were real. It makes it more interesting if its closer to being true.
A friend of mine and I think this would be great homework for a Marketing class to teach on generating excitement.
I mean no offense, and I am willing to help, and believe you...for now.

I dont know if we covered this earlier but
Whats written on the back of the paper?
I see words at the top.
It didn't make any sense, so I didn't want to share it.

It says:
"En On Tutors"
En On Tutors = Trust No One

August 2007

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