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This is just...ridiculous

Someone -- anon -- caught this earlier.

The numbers from the e-mail are apparently hex. It all lead to an image. I saved it and put it on my own photobucket account so that I could share it easier.

I have no idea about this code -- at all -- but the last bit looks like a name. If it's only three letters it might be "Sam" because that's who I got the first code from. (and, according to drvsilla it's Dean's brother).

Scott e-mailed me to say it said "HERE LOOKIN SECURE EVERYONE"... Which just makes it more confusing. Thank you Scott. I seriously appreciate all the work you did on that -- I'm not sure if that's quite it, though.

I'm still worried about my sister -- she's never been gone like this before but if I found out she did this because of some weird prank trail... Freaky academic thing I'm going to be really pissed off.

I've got no words, right now.

I've been going crazy looking around town for her, and the cops won't. even. help. me.

They said that they'd heard from her -- that Trish said her "mentally unstable" sister would be asking about her and that they should just "treat me nicely".

There's too many layers here. Too much happening.

On top of everything else I got this weird message on my cell.

My friend Jane -- the same one that figured out the coding thing earlier today -- managed to get the message onto the Internet for me.

She figures if this is a game (and, Tricia, if this is a game I'm NEVER talking to you again) that this could be a clue to where I need to go.

I hate this
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