July 25th, 2007


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Finally managed to find a computer that could update.

Been running around everywhere -- the library wasn't a bust but I'm starting to really wonder about what's been happening "ahead" of me.

The librarian said that Tricia asked her to give a picture to someone who was following behind.

It was smooth, when I got it, and it's Collapse )

But when I went to upload it I found the title of my images changed.

The actual picture of Trish was called "sbyybj gu" and the altered one "r genvy". I'm guessing it's another one of those ciphers you guys seem to be good at breaking so... I'll leave it to you.

I mentioned the odd picture issue to someone at the library and they suggested that there could be something "in" or "behind" the picture. I didn't really get what they were talking about -- but it seemed like it'd be worth a shot.

Jane didn't know anything about it, so I guess it's just not her forte. I'm starting to get a little antsy here -- there's not much in Harlan and I'm losing my "lead"... I guess.

I almost don't want to mention this -- I feel like I'm being paranoid or something -- but it was strange. When I got to the library there were some people there that just looked... off. One of them wasn't even reading or anything, just staring at people as they went in and out. A taller guy was there with him, reading a paper I think.

When I pulled out the picture to show the librarian the taller one pulled the other guy with him and they left.

It was just a bit creepy... Maybe I'm just really jumpy right now.

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I'm just sick of this place now.

Someone suggested Savannah, GA and... Well, I really have nowhere else to try.

Catch y'all later.


I need more sleep -- that shouldn't be funny.


And rock_star_mom got that stupid cipher from before.

"we're lookin', beware everyone. -sam"

I'm on the right track. I knew it.
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Look! The "helpful" person who sent me on this crazy wild goose chase sent another message.

It's over here.

I tried to reverse it, but umm... Well, let's say that I'm less than skilled with audio programs. I tried WavePad, though, and if I'd had more than a few minutes to play with it I think I could possibly have done something with.

... Anything at all.

Especially since REM just e-mailed this message from Trish's journal to me:
hes lying and hes got me and make sure
somone finds me help theres no eas way to get out alv

I haven't had much luck with her e-mail, but it's the same as her journal account (srsfolklore@yahoo.com). I should have checked for it earlier but this is just so... GAH.

Dinner's done. Back to the road.

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So... I'm in town.

It's not very *cough* lively here.

But, hey I'm alive and apparently my sister is somewhere bipolar, and I hope I'm in the right place.

A few people have suggested both a B&B and a neighborhood here in Savannah. I'm going to check them out tomorrow, with the proper version of Tricia's picture.

Hopefully they'll know something.

Wish me luck, folks. I listened to that message again, and I'm going to try and make the voice-thing a little stronger. Jane gave me some tips thankfully, but I'm still a complete beginner at this stuff.

Trish would be kind of proud, I think. She always wanteds me to learn more about computers.